Trump Fired His Defense Secretary For Opposing The Use Of The Military Against Americans


A newly public memo from the Trump administration shows that one of the reasons why Defense Sec. Mark Esper was fired was because he opposed using the military against US citizens.

Jon Karl tweeted the memo:

Many in the corporate media mocked those who warned that Trump was aching to use the military against people who were protesting after the killing of George Floyd.

It turns out that Trump did want to use the military against the American people, and one of the reasons that were listed for firing his Defense Secretary was that Esper would not go along with Trump’s wishes.

Donald Trump can never be allowed to return to power again because he learned over his term in office how to use and abuse the powers of the presidency to break democracy and the rule of law in pursuit of what he wants.

If Trump is ever in the Oval Office again, he will fill his cabinet with people who will carry out his authoritarian orders.

Donald Trump wants to use the US military on American protesters. Trump is out to destroy the greatest democratic experiment in the history of the world in the name of service to his quest for total unchecked power.

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