Trump Didn’t Want Anyone To Know That He Gave Chris Christie COVID


As Chris Christie was in a hospital bed with COVID, Trump called him because he was worried that Christie would tell people that he gave him coronavirus.

Via: The New York Times:

Mr. Christie reveals how worried he and others were for his survival when he became infected with the coronavirus after being at the White House around the same time that Mr. Trump and several other aides contracted Covid-19. Mr. Christie writes that his priest arrived in the hospital and rubbed oils on his forehead in the sign of the cross, praying over him.

He got a call from a hospitalized Mr. Trump, who had one main concern: “Are you gonna say you got it from me?” Mr. Trump asked him.

Trump wasn’t concerned about Christie’s health and well-being. He was only worried that he would get blamed for giving him COVID. For the record, Donald Trump gave a lot of people COVID. There were multiple outbreaks in the Trump White House because Trump refused to require testing and masks, and Trump’s political rallies sickened many Americans because he refused to hold small gatherings and observe mask and social distancing guidelines.

Trump has never wanted to take any responsibility for the pandemic. The mess that the country is still fighting currently can be attributed to Trump’s refusal to impose federal guidelines to limit the spread of COVID.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about human life. All that matters to him is getting credit and avoiding blame.

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