Trump Busted Using The 1/6 Mob To Pressure Pence


Trump’s comments to Pence on January 5th indicated that he was using the assembling mob to pressure his vice president.

Robert Costa tweeted:

Trump Was Planning To Overturn The 2020 Election By Force

One of the elements of January 6th that the House Select Committee is investigating is how the rally, the legal documents, and the attack on the Capitol all fit together, with possibly Trump at the center of a coup plot to overturn the results of an election that was won by Joe Biden.

Trump’s comments to Pence suggest that the assembled mob wasn’t for show. Trump was attempting to intimidate his vice president into not certifying the election for Biden.

As these pieces come together, a picture is emerging of Donald Trump’s willingness to use force to keep himself in power. The former president was trying to grant the coup legitimacy through the will of a mob.

All of the tracks that were taken to overturn the election had the same conductor.

It looks increasingly like Donald Trump masterminded a use of force against the United States government and its people.


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