Trump Attacks Biden For Being ‘Disrespectful’ To Obama

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President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday to attack Joe Biden by claiming that the Democrat has been “disrespectful” to Barack Obama.

Trump Hits Biden Over Obama

“Joe Biden was very disrespectful to President Obama at last night’s debate when he said that he, Joe, ‘was Vice President, not President,’ when trying to make excuses for their failed immigration policies,” Trump wrote. “I wonder what ‘O’ was thinking when he heard that one?”

This comes after Thursday night’s debate moderator Kristen Welker of NBC News asked Biden about the Obama administration’s immigration policy, saying that the “administration did fail to deliver immigration reform … why should voters trust you with an immigration overhaul now?”

“Because we made a mistake. It took too long to get it right. Too long to get it right,” Biden replied, according to The Hill. “I’ll be president of the United States, not vice president of the United States.”

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Trump held nothing back as he bashed the immigration policies of the Obama administration during the debate, describing “catch-and-release” as a disaster and claiming that most immigrants did not go back for mandatory court dates.

After Welker’s question, Biden continued to defend his immigration policy points and reiterated his support for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

“I’m going to send to the United States Congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people,” Biden said.

Obama Is Campaigning For Biden

Obama has been busy on the campaign trail for Biden this week, launching attacks on President Donald Trump in the process. Trump has fired back by claiming that Obama is actually an asset for his own campaign, and by pointing out that it took months for Obama to actually endorse Biden in this race.

“Obama is campaigning for us. Every time he speaks, people come over to our side,” Trump tweeted on Thursday. “He didn’t even want to endorse Sleepy Joe. Did so long after primaries were over!”

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During a recent rally in North Carolina, Trump said that it “took forever” for Obama to publicly endorse Biden. Trump went on to recount a conversation he had with a staffer who said Obama campaigning for Biden could be “bad news” for his re-election campaign.

This piece was written by James Samson on October 24, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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