Trump Appears To Not Remember Jen Psaki’s Name During Michigan Fiasco


At a rally in Michigan, Trump gave more reason for concern about his cognitive abilities when he appeared not to know Jen Psaki’s name.


Trump said, “Space force it’s going to be very important having it you know if you look at China and Russia they had a big lead, and now we’re leading because we did that. That was so important, but they left. And you remember Biden laughed at space force.  And then, the woman was this really beautiful red hair. She left. And she was hit so hard by the military because they knew I was right. The military understood I was right. You know, she’s going to MSDNC.  You know that right? Right? They need a redhead. They don’t have a redhead over there, so they need a redhead.”

Jen Psaki hasn’t left yet, but Trump appeared to have no idea what her name was, or potentially, he could not recall it.

Republicans are constantly trying to claim that President Biden’s speech impediment is a sign of cognitive decline, but Trump appears to have lost a step or five since leaving office.

Much of the rest of his speech was the failed former one-term president playing his oldies act at the political equivalent of the county fair.

Donald Trump is showing why America gave him the boot in 2020, and should never allow him back into office in 2024.

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