Trump Appears To Be Terrified Of Special Counsel Jack Smith


Donald Trump has increasingly been attacking Special Counsel Jack Smith, which suggests that the ex-president is scared.

Here are some of Trump’s latest posts that suggest fear:

I was President of the U.S. and covered and protected by the Presidential Records Act, which is not criminal and allows and encourages you to talk to the NARA, which we were, very nicely, until the FBI, who it is now learned has been after me for years without pause or question, RAIDED Mar-a-Lago, a stupid and probably Illegal thing to do. As President, I have the right to declassify documents, Biden did not. Special “Prosecutor” Jack Smith, however, is a Trump Hating political Thug…..

The Boxes Hoax Case against me should be dropped immediately. I have done nothing wrong!

How come the Biden “Prosecutor” is a nice guy, very friendly with Democrats and RINOS alike, close to Christopher Wray, & pretty much liked & known by everybody, while my “Prosecutor” is a Radical Left Trump HATING Lunatic, whose wife & family get a perfect “10” for spewing Trump HATE, & whose “friends” are the most evil, angry, & disgusting Marxists & Communists in & around Government? They are GRILLING innocent people in Grand Juries for hours, all to “get Trump.” These are Sick Thugs!

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Put aside the idea that Trump has that an ex-president has the power to declassify documents, but a current president does not.

Even appointing a special counsel to investigate the Biden classified docs situation was not enough for Trump, because Biden got a “friendly” special prosecutor, and Trump’s is out to get him.

Donald Trump’s posts were telegraphing that he knows that Biden won’t be charged with a crime, and he also thinks that he will be charged with a crime.

Trump is scared. His attacks on Special Counsel Jack Smith are happening daily.

Without media attention, the power of the presidency, or the bully pulpit of the most important elective office in the world, Trump can’t use the media to smear the special counsel investigation.

The DOJ is going to fight the efforts by Jim Jordan’s select committee to obtain its criminal evidence against Donald Trump.
The clock is ticking and failed former president seems to understand that he is running out of time before an indictment may come down.

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