Trevor Noah Absolutely Shreds GOP Hypocrites Defending Trump After FBI Raid


The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah called the hypocrisy of Republicans who threw America under the bus after the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago.


Noah said:

If the FBI– if the FBI  is going to go after trump for stealing classified documents from the White House, then what’s to stop them from going after you when you steal classified documents from the White House?

Is that the country we want to live in, where anyone can be investigated for the crime of doing crimes? I don’t think so! I don’t think so! And you know, what all of this just shows you, all of this, just get a moment to savor, how quickly MAGA  world turns on law enforcement and America as a whole whenever it suits them. Whenever things go against them, all of a sudden, Marjorie Taylor Greene posting a photo of an upside-down American flag after this raid happened.

I thought respecting the flag was the most important thing in the world. Colin Kaepernick is probably kneeling in his grave right now.all of these people complaining. what happened to “if you don’t like what’s happening in America, why don’t you just leave.” what happened to that?

All of these years– What’s that been now, two years. “defund the police is like the ‘n’ words of law enforcement.” Let them take boxes from Mar-a-Lago, and the same people are like, take the thin blue line and shove it up your a$$. Defund the FBI! Defund the cops. Same people. Same people.

Trevor Noah was correct. Republicans don’t care about the flag, the police, or law enforcement. The GOP only cares about not being held accountable, and anyone or anything that attempts to hold them or their leader accountable is going to be met with howls and threats.

The same people who claimed to love the police also murdered them on 1/6. Republicans have gone from telling America how we must respect law enforcement to demanding to defund the FBI.

Apparently, to Republicans, the cops are only good when they are killing innocent black and brown people, but they become the Gestapo when they come after potential criminals like Donald Trump.



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