The Secret Service Received An Assassination Threat Against Chuck Schumer On 1/6 And Did Not Act


The Secret Service received a tip about a threat to shoot Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on 1/6 but they sat on it for an hour and did nothing.

CREW reported on records that they obtained:

Right-wing news channel Newsmax received a voicemail suggesting a shooting threat against Schumer shortly before 4 pm on January 6, roughly an hour after the Senate chamber had been breached and well before law enforcement was able to clear them out. A Newsmax editor emailed the voicemail to the Secret Service at 3:59 pm, indicating the timestamp at which the threat was made.

The Secret Service forwarded the message to the agency’s Protective Intelligence and Assessment Division (PID) approximately 10 minutes later. US Capitol Police did not receive the voicemail from PID until more than an hour after Newsmax had sent it. The records do not show how explicit the threat was made in the voicemail.

The 1/6 Committee has collected evidence that the Secret Service anticipated violence at the Capitol ten days before the attack. 

The Secret Service also knew about a 1/6 threat made on Speaker Pelosi’s life and they responded by doing nothing.

There are legitimate problems at the Secret Service where evidence of the activities of agents was deleted and has not been recovered.

The Secret Service could have gotten both Majority Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi killed on 1/6.

An independent investigation is needed, as there appears to be a major threat to democracy within the security that is supposed to keep our top political officials safe.

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