The Only Place That Putin’s Propaganda Is Working Is In The GOP


Counterterrorism expert Clint Watts said that Putin’s propaganda has been exposed and is not being believed except in the Republican Party.


Watts said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

It is a decades-long effort known as active measures which was to win through force of politics rather than the politics of force, and while Putin has been exposed for the disinformation, the Biden administration, the NATO allies, and even people that might be pseudo fans of Putin recognize all the disinformation as a pretext for war and don’t believe it and only place you hear it in GOP in America.

It’s the strangest thing I have ever seen, and so when you watch this, what Russia was able to do and what they were really able to advance is with the elevation of voices that are sympathetic to Russia’s view. Donald Trump being the number one and then the surrogates since. It is absolutely comical.

Putin’s 2016 Disinformation War On America Won Him The Republican Party

Putin has his own political party in the United States. Tucker Carlson is on Fox News each weeknight singing praise to Putin. Republican members of Congress routinely use Russian talking points in hearings and communications. 

The Russians are frustrated because their propaganda is getting trapped in the right-wing bubble. Thanks to the efforts of the Biden administration, the rest of the country has caught on, and they aren’t falling for it.

America isn’t divided on the Ukraine crisis. The American people support Ukraine. It is the Republican Putin Party that is siding with the autocrat.

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