The New York Times Show Its True Colors By Giving A Platform To Kellyanne Conway


The New York Times showed it is all in on its mission to restore Trump to the White House by giving a platform to unemployable Trump liar Kellyanne Conway.

The Times titled Conway’s essay, “The Cases For And Against Donald Trump.”

Here is how this supposedly even-handed look at Trump 2024 began after it first ignored Russian interference in the 2016 election, “Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. There is no vaccine and no booster for it. Cosseted in their social media bubbles and comforted within self-selected communities suffering from sameness, the afflicted disguise their hatred for Mr. Trump as a righteous call for justice or a solemn love of democracy and country.”

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Americans trying to protect democracy from a man who attempted to stage a coup to stay in power in 2020 are just Trump haters.

On and on, Conway goes. There is no need to deconstruct the entire essay because if you have seen Kellyanne Conway once, you know where this is going.

The New York Times doesn’t disclose Conway’s past work for Trump and service to his campaign until the end of the essay in small print below because it does the paper no good to publish a piece of Trump propaganda if readers are informed in advance of the lack of objectivity of the author.

The Times readership is older, whiter, wealthier, and more liberal than the rest of America. The New York Times and Washington Post have struggled to maintain relevance without Trump.

The Times continues to employ Trump-friendly Maggie Haberman whose sole purpose is to pass along Trump tidbits and gossip, much of it quite possibly from the man himself.

However, giving Kellyanne Conway a platform to spin and lie is a whole different 9level of Trump advocacy hidden behind a thin pretext of journalism.

Just because a media outlet is a big corporation that tells you to trust them does not mean it should be trusted. The goal of these legacy media giants is to make money, and if they have to help Donald Trump and his allies destroy democracy to achieve their goal, they’ll do it.

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