The New Special Counsel Is A Problem For Trump In 1 Huge Way


The new Trump special counsel is not starting from scratch. He is joining an ongoing investigation and most importantly has the power to indict Trump.

Andrew Weissmann tweeted:

There is a big misconception that the Jack Smith investigation is not going to be like Mueller in that it will take years and not result in an indictment, but Attorney General Garland made clear at his press conference on Friday that he expects that adding Smith to the investigation will cause no delay, because prosecutors already have a team in place, and they have been gathering evidence for months.

Most importantly, Smith doesn’t have to worry about being fired, and he has one thing that Robert Mueller never had. Jack Smith has the power to indict Donald Trump.

Trump is now a private citizen who can’t hide behind the presidency.

The fact that Republicans are freaking out and already threatening to shut down the government over the naming of the special counsel illustrates what a problem this development is for Trump and the GOP.

Jack Smith is not the same as Robert Mueller. The situations are totally different, and most of the griping over the appointment of the special counsel from the left has more to do with the fact that they wanted Trump indicted already than it does the reality of what indictment means for Donald Trump’s imperiled future.

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