The IRS Audited Biden But Not Trump


The IRS did not complete a single audit of Donald Trump during his four years in office, but President Biden has already been audited twice.

CBS News reported:

The IRS has conducted audits on the federal income taxes of President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden for the last two years, one of which required the first couple to pay slightly more than originally owed.

White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates told CBS News, “The routine audits took place during both years of this administration. For tax year 2020, the IRS determined that the president and first lady were due an additional federal income tax refund. For tax year 2021, it was found that they owed an additional $13, which could have been waived under IRS policy but they chose to pay.”

While the IRS was able to carry out its audits of the Bidens, it failed to complete any audits of former president Donald Trump during his four years in office.

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The IRS did not audit Trump at all during his first two years in office. Trump wasn’t audited until the House Ways and Means Committee began asking questions about the mandatory presidential audit process and Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The federal government is huge, but it can also be easily bent toward the whims of the person that occupies the Oval Office. Donald Trump was able to get the IRS to violate the law and not conduct legally required audits of his tax returns.

Electing a person of character to the presidency matters, because when people like Donald Trump get power, they use it to violate norms and laws.

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