The Government Has Evidence That Trump Ripped Up Classified Docs


The National Archives has evidence that Trump ripped up classified documents and information.

The Washington Post reported, “The records recovered by the FBI included documents that detailed top-secret U.S. operations and information about a foreign government’s nuclear-defense readiness, The Washington Post has reported. Some of the documents retrieved by the Archives had also been torn up, which Trump had a habit of doing.”

Destroyed documents that were recovered by the FBI that probably have Trump’s DNA on them are powerful pieces of evidence that Donald Trump mishandled classified information. Ripping up classified materials would be a textbook definition of mishandling classified information.

Trump has a habit of ripping up papers and documents after he reads them. Trump’s habit of tearing up documents was so problematic because it violates the Presidential Records Act that staffers had a designated room where they taped documents back together that  Trump destroyed.

The DOJ is investigating Trump for mishandling government documents. It doesn’t matter if the information was classified or not. Ripping up documents that belong to the US government is a crime.

Donald Trump is putting up a ton of smokescreens, but he has not been able to dispute the basic point of the investigation that he potentially mishandled government documents.

The government’s evidence looks strong, as Trump still has not presented a credible defense.

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