The FCC Is Investigating American Media And Other Companies For Russian Ownership Ties


The FCC is investigating American media, telecommunication, and infrastructure companies for potential Russian ownership ties.

CNN reported:

Conducted jointly with the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, the FCC review covers more than just media entities regulated by the FCC’s broadcast licensing program, the person said. It also covers a vast array of telecommunications and infrastructure companies, including wireless providers, submarine cable operators, and foreign telecom services that connect US-international phone calls, the person said.

It is not yet clear how many companies with ties to Russia the review may uncover, the person said, describing the initiative as a “top-to-bottom” effort to “identify the universe of licensees that have Russian ownership that should be on our radar.

Conservative companies like Fox News that have been engaging in pro-Russia coverage have raised suspicion. Any companies that are found to have ownership ties to Russia could be deemed a security threat to the United States and could be subject to being shut down and kicked out of the United States.

There are likely some conservative media companies that should be very nervous about what the FCC review could find. Any outlet that is offering pro-Putin coverage should raise suspicion.

RT, the Russian own propaganda network in the US, should be kicked out of the country ASAP.

The investigation is the clearest sign yet that the Biden administration isn’t fooling around, as it is possible that the investigation could reveal the Russian penetration into conservative media and get Russian propaganda out of the country.

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