The Crumbleys Will Be Sitting In Prison Because They Ran


The parents of the Michigan school shooter who fled after being charged with manslaughter made their legal problems much worse by running.


Chuck Rosenberg said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

 First of all, these parents have apparently made lots of bad decisions in raising their child. It is not surprising they would make another really bad decision by trying to run. That might work in the movies. In real life, it doesn’t work. You would have to be very savvy, very smart, probably rich, and incredibly lucky to be able to run. 

So if the state authorities are looking for them and the FBI and the U.S. Marshal service,  they’re going to find them. That said, running also has other ramifications, as Frank well knows. It is an indication of guilt. If there was ever a chance they would get bond on the charges of involuntary manslaughter, that’s gone. And it could also affect whatever sentence they receive at the end of the day. Bad decisions to this point, bad decisions now. Running is a terrible idea. And it works in the movie, but not in real life. 

This was another brilliant piece of Trumper logic. The Crumbleys may have been able to get bail if they had shown up at their arraignment, but running means that they are a flight risk and will be sitting in jail until the end of their trial.

There were plenty of warning signs that these parents ignored. The Crumbleys enabled their son to shoot 11 people, and they are trying to avoid accountability for their potential crimes.

The Crumbleys took a horrific situation and made it much worse.

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