Texas Republicans Hit A New Low By Praising Long Lines To Vote


Texas Republicans are marketing long voting lines in the state as a good thing and comparing it to COVID testing.

This is what the Texas Republican Party tweeted:

Getting a COVID test is not the same thing as the right to vote. By equating the two, Republicans are admitting that it isn’t election integrity but disenfranchisement and discouragement that are the motivations behind their voter suppression laws.

The Republicans are admitting that they want to make it harder to vote. They want voters to stand in discouraging long lines. They want people who can’t afford to miss work or have no one to watch their kids to skip election day because that is how they win elections.

The DOJ ought to use this tweet as exhibit one in any lawsuit against the Texas voter suppression laws, because Republicans are proud and bragging that they don’t want people to vote.

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