Ted Cruz Labels Biden And Democrats Supporters Of Racial Discrimination


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is now claiming that President Biden and members of the Democratic Party support racial discrimination.

Video of Cruz:

Sen. Cruz said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Let me say at the outset the fact he has chose to put out this racial quota, it is wrong. It is wrong to discriminate based on race. If you or I try to do what Joe Biden has done, if your show put up an ad in the paper that you are morning show is looking for a producer and only women are eligible to apply or you put up an ad that said only white men are eligible to apply or that said only Native American women are eligible to apply, any of those ads would be illegal. 

They would violate the federal civil rights law and you or I would face liability and yet Joe Biden, those laws still technically applied to the president in this appointment, but he’s certainly violating the spirit of nondiscrimination. If he wanted to search for qualified applicants and find who he thought was the most qualified nominee and she happened to be an African-American woman, that’s wonderful, but he’s not doing that. He wants to discriminate based on race.

 Maria, it’s worth noting there is irony to this because Joe Biden broke a threshold because Joe Biden, not once, but twice has actually filibustered a black woman to try to stop her from becoming a federal judge. That was Janice Rogers Brown, George W. Bush nominated her to the DC Circuit Court of appeals and Joe Biden along with Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin filibustered her and tried to block her from becoming a judge, not because she was a black woman I’m about because god forbid she actually believed in the constitution and would follow the terms of the constitution. 

What Biden really wants here is a left-wing ideologue, but he also wants to discriminate based on race because the modern Democratic Party supports quotas and they support racial discrimination. 

Ted Cruz Is Escalating His Claim That Democrats Are Racist Against White People

What Ted Cruz is attempting to do is use President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee to stroke white fear that they are losing power in society. Democrats aren’t racists. Democrats are the party that is fighting racial discrimination.

Sen. Cruz is demeaning Biden’s SCOTUS nominee by suggesting that she is a quota who only will be nominated due to the color of her skin.

Cruz is spreading some insidious racism and is trying to divide the nation based on race.

Ted Cruz is setting up a 2024 presidential campaign. He has learned from Donald Trump the value in the Republican Party of appealing to racists.

Sen. Cruz is using race as a political weapon.

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