Speculation Grows That DOJ Could Charge Mark Meadows With Crimes Against The United States


Former federal prosecutor Barbara McQuade suggested that the DOJ hasn’t charged Mark Meadows with contempt of Congress because they’re eyeing bigger charges.

Is DOJ Thinking Of Mark Meadows As A Defendant?


Former US Attorney Barbara McQuade said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

 One reason they may have refrained with charging Mark Meadows with contempt is because they’re thinking of him not as a witness but as a defendant. It could very well be that they’re looking at him as a bigger fish. If they charge him with contempt, it may preclude them from charging him with other things so at the moment, there’s a possibility of other charges, bigger charges on the table. 

I could imagine a scenario where Trump and some of his inner circle are charged with a crime of conspiracy to defraud the United States. That makes it a crime to obstruct the functioning of government, and so the functioning of the workings of the electoral college and congress and certifying the presidential election. Mark Meadows was in the inner circle in all of those meetings.

He was in the meetings with pence where President Trump was trying to pressure Pence to do — overturn the election by abusing his power as vice president. Mark Meadows was involved in the decisions and the conversations with Brad Raffensperger, the Secretary of State in Georgia.

So, it may very well be that they’re looking to charge him with a more serious crime and thinking of him not as a witness but as a defendant. So, it’s speculation, but it is what — what we’re left with. I know some have expressed frustration with Merrick Garland for moving so slowly and saying so little but I still take a lot of stock in the statements he made about efforts to pursue bad actors at any level, regardless of whether they were there on January 6th or not. 

It makes sense that the DOJ could be looking at Meadows for something bigger. It is also logical that the DOJ is several steps behind the 1/6 Committee because they might be the fastest congressional committee in US history.

The committee is not wasting a single moment.

Mark Meadows has his finger in all of the pieces of the coup plot, and if he gets charged, it will be really bad news Trump and his inner circle that tried to overthrow the government.



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