Special Grand Jury To Be Impaneled To Investigate Trump For Racketeering


While the Manhattan grand jury gets all of the attention, the DA in Fulton County, GA is preparing to impanel a special grand jury to investigate Trump’s election interference as racketeering.

Trump Facing Racketeering Investigation In Georgia

The New York Times reported:

 A special grand jury, which by Georgia statute would include 16 to 23 members, could focus solely on the potential case against Mr. Trump and his allies. Ms. Willis is likely to soon take the step, according to a person with direct knowledge of the deliberations, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the decision is not final. Though such a jury could issue subpoenas, Ms. Willis would need to return to a regular grand jury to seek criminal indictments.

Ms. Willis has said a racketeering charge is on the table. Such cases are often associated with prosecutions of mob bosses, using the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, known as RICO, and Georgia has its own state version of the law.

Trump And His Allies Are On Tape Pressuring Georgia Election Officials

Trump was recorded trying to pressure election officials in Georgia to find votes for him, and Georgia officials say that the Trump White House pressured them for weeks to overturn the election.

The failed former president didn’t help himself when he talked over and over again publicly about how tried to pressure Republican Georgia elected officials.

While the grand jury in Manhattan is investigating Trump’s business, the grand jury in Georgia will be looking at Trump and his pals. The Georgia investigation is more potentially dangerous for Trump personally than the one in New York.

But the soon-to-be special grand jury in Georgia raises the question, how many criminal grand juries can be investigating Trump before he gets charged?

We may find out the answer early in 2022.

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