SNL Turns Kevin McCarthy Into A National Joke With One Sentence


During the SNL cold open, they noted that McCarthy’s epic speech managed to delay Build Back Better until it passed the next morning in two minutes.


SNL showed a bumbling McCarthy unable to flip a water bottle during his speech, and their Jeanine Pirro parody said, “And that brave man stopped the Build Back Better bill from being passed….until the next morning when it passed in two minutes.”

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McCarthy himself appears very sensitive to the idea that his big overly contrived moment on the national stage was a face plant, as he accused Democrats of heckling him during a Sunday morning appearance on Fox News.

People who regularly read this website know who Kevin McCarthy is, but casual followers of politics likely don’t know much or anything about McCarthy.

Even a small satire, like a brief parody of McCarthy, can shape the national perception about a relatively unknown figure. Kevin McCarthy is already being defined as a joke, as SNL shows that his big speech backfired.


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