Security Refused To Let People Leave Trump’s Announcement


Rupert Murdoch has bailed on Trump, saying that he will no longer support Trump politically. (Think on that momentarily, Murdoch owns a “news/media” empire, and he told Trump he could not “support” Trump politically). Given the opportunity, several senators, including Lindsey Graham, declined to support Trump’s bid for the Republican primary. Many in the GOP are directly blaming Trump for the midterms. And, speaking of midterms, the GOP just got kneecapped in the election, not gaining the Senate and barely climbing over the majority in the House.

And yet we’re supposed to believe that the country is ready to explode with happiness. So much so that the energy at Trump’s announcement was unbelievable. From a Fox interview and Lara Trump. (Video Below)

“I highly disagree with that. Look, for Donald Trump, from the very beginning, from the first day he came down the escalator in 2015 in Trump Tower, it’s never been about elected officials, politicians, people in the swamp in D.C.

“It’s been about the American people and if you look around the room last night, you had people from all different walks of life. The energy there at Mar-a-Lago was absolutely incredible.

“It really did to me feel like the 2015, 2016 campaign all over again.” – Lara Trump, after Fox host Stuart Varney noted last night’s lackluster response, saying that Trump has lost “the old magic.”

This, below, would seem to be definitive regarding the “energy” and excitement regarding Trump’s announcement. It sounds like Trump’s security committed a crime. You cannot just pen people in and not let them leave.

There is no question that Trump didn’t have the energy last night. He read straight from the teleprompter and didn’t go off on tangents about being the most persecuted person on earth or rigged elections, and that got him praise from Hannity, Hegseth, and Mike Huckabee on Fox. Huckabee even said, “If Trump can keep that up throughout (LOL), he is unbeatable.

But with the midterm stench (from a Republican point of view) still lingering throughout the room, and when security has to ban people from leaving, there is no way that the announcement had energy, as much as from 2015 on.


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