Second Film Crew Has Footage Of 1/6 Conspirators Roger Stone, Mike Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, And Paul Gosar


A second documentary film crew was filming Roger Stone and his 1/6 co-conspirators before and during the Capitol attack.

The Guardian reported:

They also caught on camera public and private moments at the events Stone or Alexander attended. Among others who appear in the documentary are the House Republican Paul Gosar, former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn.


The film-makers are also understood to have captured some footage the day before and the day of the Capitol attack, including discussions between Stone and Alexander, as well as the fate of the “Stage 8” rally that Alexander had planned on January 6 yards from the Capitol.

The 1/6 Committee wants to review the footage, but the filmmakers are conservatives who have refused to turn over their footage.

The Trump Coup Plotters Were Full Of Hubris

At least three documentary film crews were documenting Trump’s coup. Two followed Roger Stone, and Alex Holder was filming Donald Trump and his family.

The Trump coup plotters allowed crews to film it all because they did not doubt that they would get away with overturning the election. The coup plotters had no fear of legal jeopardy or providing evidence that would be used against them.

Trump and his criminal crew thought that they would get away with it, so they wanted their crimes caught on film, and it is that film that could lead to criminal charges.

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