Ron Johnson Is Now Losing Senate Race To Mandela Barnes


A new poll shows Democratic Senate candidate Mandela Barnes leading Sen.  Ron Johnson (R) 51%-44%.

The Marquette University Law School poll found:

What has happened in the nation since the June poll?

The Supreme Court overturned Roe. Gas prices have fallen, inflation is declining, and Ron Johnson opposed the Inflation Reduction Act.

Independents have abandoned Johnson:

The results are fairly static depending on different turnout models:

Ron Johnson is an incumbent senator in a purple state who has never been popular. Johnson’s current approval rating is 36%

Sen. Johnson has been out of step with the majority of Wisconsin voters for years. He is a COVID vaccine denier, Russian propaganda pushing Trump loyalist. Johnson recently said that he had no concerns about Trump stealing classified documents because Mar-a-Lago is secure.

If John Fetterman wins in Pennsylvania and Ron Johnson loses in Wisconsin, the midterm election will have been a disaster for Republicans.

Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan is leading JD Vance in Ohio as the situation in the Senate continues to worsen for the GOP.

If Ron Johnson loses in Wisconsin, Republicans will have no chance of taking back the Senate. The midterm election looks even, but the momentum is trending blue, and a late blue wave could prove the pundits and conventional wisdom wrong in November.

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