Republicans To Lose Their Minds As GOP Lawmakers Will Join Biden For Infrastructure Bill Signing


The White House has announced that President Biden will sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill on Monday, and he will be joined by Republican lawmakers at the ceremony.

The White House said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

On Monday, the President will host a bipartisan bill signing ceremony for his Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The President will be joined by Members of Congress who helped write this landmark economic growth bill and by a diverse group of leaders who fought for its passage across the country, ranging from Governors and Mayors of both parties to labor union and business leaders.
At the signing ceremony, the President will highlight how he is following through on his commitment to rebuild the middle class and the historic benefits the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will deliver for American families: millions of good-paying, union jobs for working people, improvements in our ports and transportation systems that strengthen supply chains, high-speed internet for every American, clean water for all children and families, the biggest investments in our roads and bridges in generations, the most significant investment in mass transit ever, and unprecedented investments in clean energy infrastructure.  
In the coming weeks, the President, Vice President, and Cabinet will continue to travel the country to communicate how the law will help communities grow the economy and position America to compete in the 21st century.

The signing ceremony will feature the bipartisan group of lawmakers who negotiated the original bill with President Biden.

Given the fact that House Republicans and their families are receiving death threats for voting for the bill, one can only imagine the sort of outrage that will grip the party of Trump Domestic Terrorists when Republican lawmakers attend the signing ceremony for legislation that Trump could never get passed into law. 

The death threats aren’t working. Republicans are going to be seen with Biden, and it could set off a total GOP meltdown.

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