Republicans In Shambles As They Quickly Toss Loser Herschel Walker Overboard


Republicans are wasting no time blaming Herschel Walker and his wife for the GOP defeat in the Georgia Senate runoff.

Politico reported:

“He should have never run for this seat,” said a person close to the campaign. His campaign loss, the person said, is largely because “Herschel had a ton of baggage he was not transparent about, and we were constantly behind the eight ball.”

Staffers said Blanchard Walker even suggested her husband should be winning as much as 50 percent of the Black vote in Georgia, regularly commenting that the campaign needed “to be getting him in front of his people, in front of his community,” as one person working on the campaign recalled.

None of the Republicans quoted in the article suggest that the problem is that their party ran a completely unqualified celebrity candidate with a boatload of personal issues who chose to campaign on culture war issues that were not the most important to voters.

Republicans could also reassess how they try to appeal to voters and consider getting out of the Fox News bubble. The GOP might want to think about how they can appeal to the majority of the country.

The Republican Party is doing none of these things. Instead, they are kicking Walker to the curb and blaming someone who would have never been the nominee in a sane and functional political party for the defeat.

Republicans will blame Herschel Walker and continue on with business as usual, which is great news for Democrats who will be poised to win elections for years to come.

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