Republicans Are Trying To Defund Efforts To Fight Gun Crimes


The White House wants to know why Republicans are trying to defund federal efforts to fight gun crimes.

White House Rapid Response Director Mike Gwin responded to a House Republican candidate who called for the abolition of the ATF:

Republicans in Congress are campaigning against Democrats defunding the police while casting votes to defund the police.

Republicans keep talking about crime, but the party’s actions are designed to make America less safe.

During a  speech at the White House, President Biden called for a ban on assault weapons and universal background checks among other common-sense pieces of gun legislation.

A mass shooter shot up a Brooklyn subway station, and his crime is met with silence by Republicans.

It turns out that many Republicans don’t have a problem with gun crimes.  They see mass shootings as a cost of doing business with the NRA.

The White House asked a great question.

Why are Republicans so opposed to federal efforts to lessen gun violence?

Equally as important is the reality that Republican policy proposals make it easier to mass shooters to kill innocent people while limiting the ability of federal law enforcement to prevent these crimes.


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