Republicans And The Media Go Silent As Gas Prices Fall For 95 Straight Days


There are no more news reports about gas prices or Republicans crying about the pain at the pump as prices have fallen for 95 straight days.

Former Chicago Tribune & Sun-Times editor Mark Jacob tweeted:

A quick check of AAA reveals that the national price for a gallon of gas is in the $3.60 range, but in half of the states in the country, gas prices are right around $3.50 or lower. In much of the country, the price is still higher than it was a year ago, but if it keeps coming down, probably before election day in November, gas prices should be close to where they were previously.

Some of the drop was supply and demand. Once the price of gas got too expensive, many drives cut their usage and lowered demand. Part of it was the public policy of the Biden administration that worked to add additional supply and stop the price hikes.

The corporate media has stopped talking about it because of their bias toward negativity and bad news, and Republicans don’t want to remind voters about things that have gone right while Democrats have been in charge, but the drop in gas prices has weakened the GOP’s campaign strategy of running on inflation.

The drop in the cost of a gallon of gas is not the biggest factor in the improving landscape for Democrats, but it has taken away a source of voter anger and frustration ahead of the election.


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