Rep. Ted Lieu Shreds Kevin McCarthy For Not Punishing House GOP White Nationalists With Silence


Rep.  Ted Lieu (D-CA) took to the House floor to make sure that America knows that House Republican leadership didn’t punish their members for going to a white nationalist conference.

Video of Rep. Lieu:

Rep. Lieu said, “Democrats are building a better America for the people. Last year, we passed the American Rescue Plan that has helped to create 7.4 million jobs in 13 months, the most in US history. Under the Biden administration, wages are up, jobs are up, and unemployment is down. What are Republicans doing? I don’t know, but I do know that two of them attended a white nationalist conference last month. Let me now tell you all of the actions that Republican leaders took against these two Republican members who attended and spoke at a white nationalist conference last month. (Silence).”

Rep. Lieu was correct. Kevin McCarthy and the House Republican leadership have done nothing to punish Reps. Greene and Gosar for attending and speaking at a white nationalist conference.

Mitch McConnell, who isn’t even in the House, had a stronger statement against Greene and Gosar than Kevin McCarthy who called it unacceptable but didn’t denounce white supremacy or his two members.

Every action that Kevin McCarthy takes or chooses not take shows his weakness. McCarthy is afraid to confront Greene and Gosar because they are allies of Trump, and they could deny him the speakership if Republicans take back the House in November.

By doing nothing, McCarthy is signaling his support for racism and white supremacy in the Republican Party.



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