Reeling Trump’s Popularity Plummets With Republicans


Donald Trump can spread his big lie, but the reality is that he is a loser whose popularity is dropping with Republicans.

The AP noted that Republicans are not excited about a Trump comeback, “His popularity among Republicans is declining somewhat, with 71% saying they have a favorable opinion of Trump compared with 78% in a September 2020 AP-NORC/USAFacts poll. But the new poll shows only a narrow majority of Republicans — 56% — want him to run for president in 2024. The poll found that 44% of Republicans do not want Trump to run.”

In October 2021, a Quinnipiac University poll found that 78% of Republicans wanted Trump to run again.

Trump Is Gone And Many Republicans Are Moving On

There are multiple reasons why Republicans may not be excited about Trump running. The most logical is that Trump is off the national stage, and many Republicans have moved on.

Trump appears to have overestimated the loyalty of Republican voters, Many of them aren’t sitting around pining and counting the seconds until Trump returns. While their party is still influenced by Trumpism, many of them don’t need the man himself back.

In 2016, Trump sold himself to Republicans as a winner, but in 2020, his brand was shattered when he lost to Joe Biden. The man who promised Republicans so much winning is now a loser, and his mythology has been shattered.

Lastly, sequels are never as good as the original, with rare exceptions, Trump is playing his tired greatest hits, and polling suggests that his act has gotten stale and boring even to some Republicans.

Trump may still end up being the Republican nominee in 2024, but no one should expect Republicans to be excited about it.

Trump’s sagging demand is a red flag that Democrats should be paying close attention to.

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