Rachel Maddow Talks About The One 1/6 Felony That Trump Could Be Charged With


Rachel Maddow discussed how Trump could be charged with obstructing an official proceeding and the appeal that is currently being heard that might determine his fate.


Maddow said:

But when you have those seditious conspiracy convictions of to members of the Oath Keepers, you should know that those two members of the oath keepers and all the fellow defendants that were charged in that same trial, they were all also convicted of a different felony. Obstructing an official proceeding. In other words, they were convicted of a felony charge for preventing congress, or trying to prevent congress, from doing it stopped that day. Which was certifying the presidential election. And that charge, obstruction an official proceeding, that hasn’t just been used against
these organized paramilitary groups like the Oath Keepers. About 300 different defendants from January 6th have been charged under that specific felony statute. Obstruction of an official proceeding.

That specific statute, obstruction of an official proceeding, it’s also been conceived by many legal experts as one of the most likely felony charges that could be brought against Donald Trump himself if he were ever to be charged personally. In connection with January 6th attack. That’s why it’s worth memorizing that phrase. Obstruction of an official proceeding. It’s worth keeping an eye on that as a specific felony charge. Which has been used hundreds of times and has been used to get hundreds of convictions thus far for the defendants. Because in Washington, D. C. Federal appeals court today, three judges started considering whether that specific charge should essentially be nullified when it comes to January six. Whether it shouldn’t be allowed to use the charge against January 6th defendants. 

It has been clear that if the DOJ wants to charge Trump with something related to the Capitol attack, obstructing an official proceeding seems to be the likely direction that they go in.

The Justice Department is also looking closely at charging potentially Trump and his associates with crimes related to the fake elector scheme.

The Mark Meadows texts that were published confirm that nearly three dozen congressional Republicans were participating in the plot to overturn the election.

Many of these Republicans are about to seize power in the House, which is why the DOJ criminal investigation moving forward is vital because if Trump is criminally charged it will be the ultimate deterrent to prevent this from ever happening again.

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