Rachel Maddow Shows Why The Next 1/6 Committee Hearing Could Be Criminally Dangerous For Trump


Rachel Maddow said that criminal investigations are not hypothetical for tomorrow’s 1/6 Committee hearing. They are already happening.

Video of Maddow:

Maddow said:

There is been a lot of discussion and commentary and speculation about what the intersection is by this January six investigation that we are seeing all these hearings from. And prosecution, the possible criminal prosecution of people who tried to pull off the scheme. That whole question just looms really large over all of these hearings, over everything the January six investigators have been revealing for the findings that these hearings. What we are going to see tomorrow, at tomorrow’s hearing, this is the part where that is no longer a hypothetical discussion. 

This Georgia stuff, the threats to the workers, the threats to the state workers they needed to make fake fraud, claims change the election results. That is already definitely under criminal investigation. You don’t have to speculate about what might happen if any prosecutor decided to look into that. Prosecutors are looking into that. State prosecutors have empaneled a grand jury that is working and possible charges under state law. 

The matter is reportedly under criminal investigation by the federal Justice Department — as well. They’ve reportedly been interviewing Georgia officials. The pressure on state election officials and election workers, also the forced fake slates of Trump electors that they range from Georgia and six of the states. Those are parts of the Trump plot that we already know are actively under criminal investigation by both federal and state prosecutors working with federal and state grand juries. 

That whole question about whether or not the January six investigation is looking at possible crimes but prosecutors are going to be interested in, what we are going to get into tomorrow’s hearing is the part that is already happening. And what that means for this next hearing that we are going to have tomorrow, we don’t yet know. It will be new.

The witnesses testifying tomorrow will be talking about acts that are under criminal investigation. The conversation is moving from the potential for a criminal investigation to people and activities under criminal investigation.

Tuesday’s 1/6 Committee hearing crosses a threshold and could be the most dangerous yet for Donald Trump.

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