Rachel Maddow Says House Republicans Could Be Prosecuted For 1/6 Plot


Rachel Maddow pointed out that the 1/6 Committee knows who the Republicans are who participated in the coup plot, and they could face criminal charges.

Maddow said:

Well, according to the investigation, a member of Congress was working with him on that. And the investigation knows who that member of Congress is, but they haven’t told us yet. They say they will, but they haven’t told us yet. 

The prospect that these sort of crosshairs, potential criminal liability is in line here when it comes to the former president, and the prospect that members of Congress were implicated in what happened on January 6th, the prospect that we’re getting to the part where those members of Congress may at least be subpoenaed, those members of Congress may have possible prosecution looming against them as members of Congress, that’s maybe why things all of a sudden feel so nuts right now in Washington. 

It turns out this January 6th investigation is getting somewhere. Somewhere apparently serious. And this makes it a very stressful time for everyone who was involved in the plot I’m sure.

The Republicans Who Could Be Prosecuted Aren’t Who You Might Think

Many people might be thinking of the camera chasing pro-Trump House Republicans like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylor Greene as those who could be facing prosecution, but the names to look out for are people like Rep. Paul Gosar and Rep. Scott Perry.

The reason why Kevin McCarthy has been trying to delay and derail the investigation is that it could have a devastating impact on the GOP.

If the evidence holds up, Republicans could be facing a nightmare 2022 midterm.

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