Rachel Maddow Nails Sean Hannity’s Role On 1/6 With A Single Question


Rachel Maddow asked the one question of Sean Hannity that is vital to the nation. What did  Hannity know that made him so worried?


Maddow said, “It is interesting they are appealing to his patriotism. And asking him to give information to the committee. I don’t know. I think regardless of party, regardless of cable news outlet of your choice, all Americans would like to know what Mr. Hannity knew on January 5 that made him text to the White Gouse I am very worried about the next 48 hours. What did he know about what was going to happen that made him tell the White House Chief of Staff that he was worried?”

The 1/6 Committee has the texts that reveal that Sean Hannity was talking to Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, and Jim Jordan. In other words, Sean Hannity knew what was going on.

Judging from the tone of Hannity’s texts, he was very worried about what was about to happen. Sean Hannity’s prior knowledge could suggest that the Capitol attack wasn’t a protest that got out of control, but it was a coordinated plan to stop the election from being certified.

Sean Hannity knows more than he has ever let on, and if he doesn’t cooperate with the committee, there could be a subpoena with his name on it in the future.



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