Rachel Maddow Highlights Mobile Abortion Clinics That Will Park Just Over Red State Borders


Rachel Maddow highlighted a fleet of mobile abortion clinics that will soon be deployed just over the borders of red states to provide services to women.

Video of Maddow:

Rachel Maddow said:

This is new this is something I don’t think we’ve seen before. It’s from the New York Times today quote, within a few days, just the pill, a nonprofit organization that arranges for patients to a bore obtain abortion bills, Just The Pill plans to deploy in Colorado the first of what will become a flea of mobile clinics to park along state borders providing consultations for medication abortions and dispensing bells. Called quote, Abortion Delivered, the clinic on wheels program, will also provide surgical abortions for patients who prefer that, or too far along in pregnancy for a medication abortion. The program is designed to reach patients from states like Texas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, that quickly outlawed abortion after the court decision, as well as other states like Utah that are expected to manner sharply restrict abortions soon. 

So, that’s one potential on the ground response to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, overturning the right for legal abortion. An abortion service on wheels, and take them to the borders of states where abortion is outlawed. So, American women cannot get a legal abortion in a state, but if they take a few steps over the border, from state tax into another state why, then they can.

Again, this was sort of a thought experiment kind of idea, a dystopian sci-fi concept in terms of how American women can still be able to retain the right to make decisions about the most intimate decisions in their lives. It’s now apparently going into effect within days.

There is nothing that Texas or any of the other red states that have banned abortion can do if a mobile clinic sets up just over the border where abortion is still legal.

It is stomach-churning that women will have to go such extremes just to get healthcare, but it also demonstrates that women are not going to give up their autonomy without a fight.

Freedom is a desire embedded into human beings and the authoritarians in will forever be one step behind the yearnings of the human heart.

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