President Biden To Deliver The State Of The Union On February 7


Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has invited President Biden to deliver the State Of The Union Address on February 7, 2023.

McCarthy posted his letter to Biden on Twitter:

McCarthy’s letter claimed that the American people gave House Republicans the majority so that a new direction could be charted for America, but the Speaker continually glosses over the reality that he doesn’t have a resounding majority.

House Republicans do not have a mandate. They backdoored their way into a gerrymandered majority with one of the worst midterm election performances since the Great Depression, so the idea that the American people have requested this extreme right-wing agenda is a fantasy.

Many observers listen closely to the reception that the president receives from lawmakers while he speaks.

2023 is set up to be an unprecedented situation where the president’s reception should sound identical to last year even though the opposition party holds the House majority.

Republicans flipped so few seats that not much is likely to sound different at the SOTU,

President Biden will likely stress his openness toward bipartisanship while reaffirming his lines in the sand on Republican spending cuts.

It should be a very memorable night on February 7.

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