President Biden Promises Colorado Immediate Help For Wildfires


President Biden spoke with Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and promised immediate federal help for the wildfires in the state.

According to a call readout provided to PoliticusUSA by the White House:

The President spoke this morning with Governor Jared Polis to discuss the no-notice wildfires that have caused significant property damage and loss in Colorado. Governor Polis described the impacts and the need for additional Federal support, and the President assured him that every effort will be made to provide immediate help to people in the impacted communities.

FEMA Administrator Criswell and her team are already working with their counterparts in Colorado to surge assistance. Fortunately, snowfall will help bring an end to the fires, and recovery efforts can get underway. The President is grateful to all of the first responders who have come to the aid of Colorado communities and families impacted by the fires.

Nobody had to pull President Biden off a golf course. Jen Psaki did not have to lie to the media and pretend like the President was still at work when he wasn’t, as was frequently the case under the former President.

Joe Biden is keeping a presidential schedule, which means that when a crisis occurs, he is on the job.

Biden has America’s back, and he understands that the presidency is a full-time job. It is not something that one dedicates a few minutes to in between tweets and rounds of golf.

America has a president who shows up again, which means that when something happens, the President will be there for the people of this country.

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