Politico, Desperate for Some Democratic Infighting, Publishes Ridiculous Piece on Buttigieg and Harris Friction


The Republicans are near tearing each other apart over the threat Trump’s “endorsements” pose to the candidates that McConnell and McCarthy see as viable, fearing more Marjorie Taylor-Greenes or Madison Cawthorn types. The Republican party is near tearing itself apart over the fact that it’s not a party. It is a one-man iron-fisted fascist dictatorship, a model for the nation if they ever gain ultimate power again.

But, evidently, Politico isn’t satisfied with just publishing stories about Republicans at each others’ throats. They have to publish a near embarrassing piece on some “feud” between Sec. Buttigieg and staff versus Vice President Harris and staff over who is the rightful heir apparent to President Biden.

There is a theory – a not altogether unreasonable one – that President Biden has no intention of running for a second term. The man is not young, nor does he need the glory. The theory goes that Biden ran to save the nation from Trump, as the only Democrat who could beat Trump. The election results suggest that Biden might have been right in that calculation.

But Biden isn’t stupid and there is no way that he would make himself a lame duck on the first day of office by declaring himself a one-term candidate. We do not and cannot know his plans. But that isn’t stopping the people that want to plan “just in case,” and the two leading contenders, according to some, for the Democratic nomination, should Biden step away, are Vice President Harris and Pete Buttigieg.

According to Politico, writing about Sec. Pete:

“I’d say the other thing that I’m really enjoying about this job, although it’s very demanding and obviously requiring a lot, is that this is the least I have had to think about campaigns and elections in about a decade and that’s a very good thing,” he told POLITICO on Friday, amidst people in hard hats and bright yellow safety vests in a construction zone near Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

While Buttigieg says he’s not contemplating the race to be Biden’s successor, inside the West Wing, others are imagining it for him. His name is sometimes discussed by aides as a natural Democratic presidential nominee in 2028 — or 2024 if the president opts not to run.

Oh, shut up! The man is 39 years old, is a significant presence in an important cabinet, and has scary talent. Of course, he is going to run again for something, one might say that, of course, he is going to run for president again… sometime in the next 2 to 32 years. Vice President Harris is a very young Vice-President. The two are going to be rivals in some form – not necessarily harmfully, for some time. For now, this seems much more like palace intrigue between low-level staffers than something either of the participants cares much about.

After all, if either of the two thinks too far ahead to do their current job well, they can forget that promising future anyway. But nice try Politico. Republicans are warring to the point that they’re very close to “disappearing” certain people, but let’s write about what deputy communication directors are whispering in each Democrats’ staff.

Eyes on the ball, Politico. One party wants to destroy our entire system as we know it by creating a ready-made fascist dictatorship ahead of time, the other is trying to run a government. Eye on the ball.


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