Paul Krugman Explains Why Build Back Better Is Vital In Less Than 90 Seconds


Economist Paul Krugman explained that Build Back Better is a massive investment in America’s future that will change generations of lives.


Krugman said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber:

Well, I mean, I think just I’m not a political expert. It does seem to me that the problem, I think part of the problem the Democrats had in these elections was that people don’t see anything happening. It feels particularly if you’re not, deeply inside the weeds, then you see, okay, there’s a little bit of progress here or maybe something, but what they see is that nothing really has been passed since the American Rescue Plan since the big legislation and so that has got to be for sane Democrats, the priority should be to make something happen.

 Not the technocratic wonkiness, but see that something happening that we’re actually doing something for people. That Biden plan is there are really two things about this. Climate, which is a whole other issue. A lot of it is children. A lot of it is stuff that is pro-child. It moves the United States partway towards the kinds of investments in children that are normal in other wealthy countries.  It’s making a huge difference to people’s lives and the country’s future. 

Krugman did a better job of explaining the importance of BBB in less than 90 seconds than most Democrats have done in the last three months. Build Back Better (BBB) is vital to the country’s present and its future.

The fact that Republicans think that spending on children is wasteful is a campaign ad that almost writes itself.

Build Back Better won’t just rebuild America today, but it will build a stronger America for tomorrow.

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