Pat Toomey Urges John Fetterman Not To Kill The Filibuster


Outgoing Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey urged his Democratic replacement John Fetterman not to kill the filibuster.

Video of Toomey on CNN’s State Of The Union:

Toomey said, “I would urge and I did urge my Democratic colleagues — and I would extend this to senator-elect Fetterman — don’t blow up the Senate by destroying the filibuster. That would be a terrible thing for America, for our government, for the Senate, certainly. It would lead to a radical increase in polarization, volatility in policy. It would be a really bad idea. So I hope he reconsiders that.”

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John Fetterman has been calling for an end to the filibuster for years. Now that he is in a position to help potentially make that happen, there is zero chance that he is going to get to the Senate and suddenly think that it is a great idea to allow Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans to block legislation.

The best for Republicans to make sure that the filibuster stayed in place was to not allow Donald Trump to pick their Senate candidates.

Democrats won, so the future of the filibuster is in their hands.

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