Oz Crudite Video Backfires And Raises $500,000 For John Fetterman


A viral video of Mehmet Oz complaining about how expensive it was to make his crudite while pretending to grocery shop has raised $500,000 for John Fetterman.

The Fetterman campaign announced in a statement:

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s campaign for U.S. Senate on Tuesday announced that it had raised over $500,000 since yesterday, when a viral video of Dr. Oz mispronouncing the name of a grocery store, struggling to grocery shop, and saying that the cost of “crudite” had skyrocketed went viral.

Over $65,000 of that was raised through a new sticker offering, after the campaign began providing new stickers with the phrase “Wegners: Let them eat Crudite” to anyone who donated any amount to the campaign through the provided link. The offer went out by email to the campaign’s full list.

It seems impossible, but the Oz campaign has seen one of their own videos raise money for their opponent, which is pretty much the ultimate campaign backfire.

The video of Oz in the grocery store was not new. It was first released during the Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary in the spring, but it was revived and went viral on Twitter.

Oz is getting blown out and Republicans are showing signs of giving up on him. Republicans continue to say that their path back to the Senate majority runs through Pennsylvania, but if this is the case, they have hit a giant roadblock named John Fetterman.

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