Opposition to Trump and GOP is Strong as DNC Breaks Records, Having Raised More Than $157 Million in 2021


The Democratic National Committee (DNC) raised more than $157 million in 2021 and brought in more than $10.7 million in December 2021 alone. The amount of funds is a record for the DNC, coming as Democrats ramp up their efforts to galvanize voters amid concerns that the party could suffer setbacks and lose seats in this year’s midterm elections.

The DNC announced that it ended 2021 with $65 million in the bank thanks to a surge of donors, more than one million in 2021 alone.

Jamie Harrison, a Biden ally who chairs the DNC took to Twitter to celebrate the success and hit back at critics.

“Only in DC … can you break a fundraising record & have folks complain it isn’t enough. That’s what the DNC did in ’21! The DNC work isn’t always easy & covid has created its own challenges. Our offices have been closed since 2020, but despite barriers we are making a difference,” Harrison tweeted.

“To unnamed sources … if you expect me to go away or roll into a ball and whimper… you picked the wrong one. The focus is upending the party of fraud, fear and fascism. You have the mission, now get with the program,” Harrison continued.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) also announced its fundraising total, revealing it had raised $158.6 million in 2021, including $11.3 million December, beating the Democratic fundraising haul by a narrow margin.

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