‘One-punch law’ loophole allows alleged killer to escape with misdemeanor charge

‘One-punch law’ loophole allows alleged killer to escape with misdemeanor charge

Jose Zambrano Rodriguez, previous Christmas, took his young sister on a Miami road trip.

In an interview with The Post, 21-year-old Pamela Zambrano Gomez said that her brother surprised her and their father by arranging the trip.

However, 26-year-old video-game developer, Jose will not be available to take his spot at his family table this year for Christmas.

Jose was injured mortally outside one Brooklyn bar just ahead Thanksgiving as he declined a request made by a thug for one cigarette, said the police. Sadly, Jose, who had been featured in the Variety magazine previously for his incredible work being a video game developer, passed away 4 days post the incident in the hospital he was being treated in.

However, Joshua Hernandez, the thug accused of punching Jose on his skull on November 17, will still not spend Christmas in the prison. He is out of the prison with a USD 20,000 bail over charge of misdemeanour assault in the attack.

Meanwhile, Jose’s family will be spending their holiday season battling for Justice.

As per legal experts, even if Joshua’s punch resulted in Jose’s death, updating the misdemeanour assault charge now to manslaughter shall depend upon the proposition of actually proving that there was some intent to the killing.

The office of the Brooklyn prosecutor refused to comment anything on Joshua’s case.


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