Not A Single “Moderate” Senate Republican Supports Build Back Better


Sen. Joe Manchin wouldn’t have the ability to make or break Build Back Better if every single supposedly moderate Republican didn’t oppose the bill.

Joe Manchin’s opposition would be irrelevant if Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins supported Build Back Better. If Mitt Romney was as moderate as he likes to pretend to be and supported BBB, no one would care what Joe Manchin thinks.

The media has chosen to let Senate Republicans off of the hook.

No one is asking Senate Republicans why they want diabetics to pay $1,000/month for life-saving insulin.

Why aren’t Senate Republicans who all voted for tax cuts for billionaires and corporations, being put on the hot seat for opposing a tax credit so that children can have enough food to eat, maybe a pair of warm boots for the winter, and a roof over their head?

Joe Manchin would be able to do what he is doing without an assist from Senate Republicans who are refusing to help the elderly, kids, and people who need affordable prescription medicines.

Republicans aren’t being held accountable for the fact that they don’t care about the American people. It is easy to tell the story of Joe Manchin and the Democrats, but the real story is how Republicans have given the American people the cold shoulder.

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