North Carolina Is Investigating Mark Meadows For Criminal Voter Fraud


Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is being investigated for criminal voter fraud in North Carolina.

The News & Observer reported:

Nazneen Ahmed, spokeswoman for Attorney General Josh Stein’s office, confirmed the investigation into former President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows after the New Yorker first reported that the former congressman, who represented North Carolina’s westernmost district, registered to vote in September 2020 using an address he had never visited.

Ahmed said Stein’s office received a request from Macon County District Attorney Ashley Welch that the Department of Justice’s Special Prosecutions Sections assume her role in this matter, and the DOJ agreed.

Meadows and his wife were caught listing an address in North Carolina as their voting address in 2020, even though Trump’s White House Chief of Staff had never visited that property.

Republicans have spent two years consistently accusing minorities and Democrats of voter fraud, but time and again case after case of voter fraud and election fraud continues to involve Republicans.

In Florida, the state Republican Party appears to have carried out a coordinated campaign to change the voter registrations of Democratic voters without their consent. 

It has become a nationwide trend of Republicans violating election laws.

If Meadows committed criminal voter fraud, he would be the most prominent Republican convicted of such a crime and the poster child for the GOP plot to steal elections.

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