Nicolle Wallace Devastates Trump And Shows Why Him Taking The 5th Matters


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace played a round-up of investigators and prosecutors saying that beyond a reasonable doubt, Trump committed crimes.


Wallace said, ” Let me pull back the curtain for a minute and talk about why we’re starting here. In a normal moment, the extraordinary to hear a former president take the fifth amendment, which is his right, his privilege against incriminating himself. It’s a story we weren’t positive that was even the top story today, but I want to play this for all of you. This is people not like me, former political actors or people in the news, these are lifelong prosecutors, people who run investigations into Trump saying that beyond a reasonable person’s assessment and based on our investigation he committed crimes. ”

Nicolle Wallace then asked Andrew Weissmann why if there is so much evidence against Trump nothing ever happens to him.

Weissmann answered, “I mean, so, look, there has been such a long period where it appears that Donald Trump is circling the drain, but everyone has heard that over and over again and they’re not seeing accountability. Now when he was president it is important to know he could not under Department of Justice guidelines be prosecuted. That didn’t, however, prevent either Manhattan or Georgia at the state level from bringing a case, and you do see signs of life, particularly in Georgia, that they are pursuing it. Now that he is no longer the president, I do think that you’re seeing a whole series of ways that he is being held to account.”

It matters that there is video of Trump taking the fifth hundreds of times, because there is ample evidence elsewhere that Donald Trump committed crimes.

In hindsight, Donald Trump was saved from prosecution for years by being in the White House, and before he became president, Trump never had national scrutiny on his business dealings and behavior.

The video released by AG James shows Trump looking weak, and it could be the final blow that wrecks his self-made myth.


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