Nancy Pelosi Calls Out Joe Manchin’s False Statements On Inflation


Speaker Nancy Pelosi took Sen. Joe Manchin to school by explaining why the rise in inflation has nothing to do with Build Back Better.


On ABC’s This Week, Speaker Pelosi said, “Part of the consequences of all that investment, the infrastructure bill and the rest is that more people have jobs and inflation goes up…The fact is that the rise in employment, and President Biden nearly seven million jobs in his year in office, so yes, we have inflation. It is very important for us to address it. We must bring it down, but it is not right, with all the respect in the world, to my friend Joe Manchin. It is not right to say what we are doing is contributing to inflation because it is exactly the opposite.”

Inflation is a complicated problem. The coronavirus has sent a catastrophic economic shock throughout the global economy. Everything from supply chain disruptions to mass unemployment and reemployment has fed inflation.

Speaker Pelosi was correct. Democrats need to agree on a comprehensive inflation-fighting bill and act. There is still plenty of time to get something enacted that will have an impact before the midterm election.

Bits and pieces of legislation are floating around that would address components of inflation, such as supply chain issues and gas prices, but Democrats need to turn themselves into inflation fights.

The most impactful policy change that will reduce inflation will come from the FED, as monetary policy is about to contract.

Joe Manchin is wrong. It isn’t government spending causing the current issue, and Manchin is making that excuse because he doesn’t want to vote for Build Back Better because he thinks it will cost him his Senate seat.

Sen. Manchin (D-WV) is being dishonest, and Speaker Pelosi schooled him on reality.

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