NAACP Reaches Historic Settlement To Pre-Review USPS Election Mail Handling


The NAACP will get to pre-review how the USPS will handle election mail through the 2028 election as part of a lawsuit settlement.

According to the NAACP:

 Under the settlement, the Postal Service agreed to meet with NAACP in the months before each national primary and general election through 2028 and to provide weekly reports on service performance during the six weeks leading up to general elections.

The Postal Service also will issue guidance documents to address its plans for prioritizing the monitoring and timely delivery of election mail for the national general elections through 2028. The parties expect that these measures will be similar to the “extraordinary measures” used in the weeks leading up to the 2020 general election. Those measures, which the court required the Postal Service to implement in response to motions by the NAACP, helped to ensure that the vast majority of mailed ballots were delivered to the boards of elections in time to be counted.

There will be no more footdragging and trickery as it relates to the processing and delivery of mail-in ballots by the USPS.

The settlement is historic because it mimics the pre-clearance that used to be a part of the Civil Rights Act where states that had a history of voting discrimination had to submit proposed changes in election laws to the Justice Department for review.

As the Senate tries to hammer out a filibuster carve out to pass voting rights bills, and President Biden demands passage, civil rights groups, like the NAACP, are taking steps to protect the right to vote.

It may seem like nothing is happening on voting rights, but progress is being made as civil rights advocates are winning important battles in courtrooms across the country.

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