Mitch McConnell Can’t Hide From The Mark Meadows Evidence And 2022 Impact



As everyone knows, one can get away with anything in the House, including avoiding reality altogether. Districts are gerrymandered to the point where one would have to work at getting voted out of office. But the Senate is an entirely different animal. Having to win statewide means having to be accountable to the middle and the middle is starting to look at the evidence coming out about January 6th and not liking what it sees.

Many of us who follow politics closely make serious mistakes in assuming that the casual American political consumer knows and has processed each detail reported about January 6th and is prepared to hold Trump responsible.

Now, however, with the release of the Mark Meadows documents, texts, PowerPoints, all of it pointing toward a conspiracy and Trump’s near-complete inaction on January 6th, leaves McConnell grappling with significant new problems. He already had a challenging 2022 map, he already had issues with Trump endorsing “weird” but loyal candidates, he didn’t need this.

The Morning Joe crew, particularly Joe himself, said that McConnell’s change in solicitude toward Trump has been obvious.

We’re going to look back on those Mark Meadows documents, those 6,000 documents released, and they are going to be seen historically as extraordinarily significant because it is the beginning of cracks in sort of this united front. and it’s going to require other people since the information is out, it’s going to require other people to talk about it.”

Cracks in the united front? That sounds true and it also sounds like some knew more than others all along. It is pure speculation, but if some have always known that Trump was deeply compromised and those senators were not told, there could be some serious intra-party resentment.

There is, I think, a growing sense of unease. It may not be among many people in the House where you have an extraordinarily gerrymandered chamber. In the Senate there is no doubt. Republicans in the Senate, at the beginning said, ‘Oh, we want nothing to do with this committee, it’s going to be so political.’

Now they might be regretting the decision to give up their opportunity to participate in the investigation and at least “look” interested in rooting out the truth, even if it is ugly. Because everything appears to be coming out anyway and the Senate may be seen as guilty as part of a cover-up

Mitch McConnell is lending credibility to this by just saying the fact-finding is significant. It is significant, that’s truthful. It was a horrific event. Yes, it was a horrific event and most Americans, despite what they tell pollsters, we know on that day was horrified by what was happening, and we can never forget that House members, they run in these gerrymandered little safe districts. United States senators, they have to run statewide, so they just have to take a more reasonable, rational view and face up to facts. We’ve seen Mitch now two days in a row speaking, not just for himself, he knows he’s speaking for the entire caucus to say let the chips fall where they may.”

How could McConnell say anything but “Let the chips fall where they may?” He cannot protect Trump from the type of evidence that is coming out. McConnell may not be able to predict how much of a difference it will make with the average Republican voter, but there’s no point in fighting the undeniable.

There is evidence elsewhere that McConnell is less inclined to consider Trump’s demands screamed from South Florida. McConnell made a deal for the debt ceiling to avert a government shutdown against Trump’s wishes and appears to maintain his independence regarding primary opponents that Trump may or may not have endorsed, preferring to win the senate rather than Trump’s favor And so no, it isn’t surprising at all that McConnel is not out defending Trump from the very troubling evidence trickling out. McConnell may or may not know how deep it goes, but the morning crew and this site agree that McConnell is throwing Trump out to sink or swim on his own.

McConnell is just as fundamentally political as Trump, perhaps more. What other choice does McConnell have?

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