Mitch McConnell And Senate Republicans Hide Instead Of Condemning Trump’s Attack On The Constitution


Senate Republicans are being asked to condemn Trump’s attack on the Constitution and they are refusing.

Video of Nicolle Wallace talking about new reporting from NBC News:

Nicolle Wallace read new reporting from NBC News on Deadline: White House:

The NBC Hill team has just fed me in some reporting, McConnell has nothing to say about Trump’s comments on the Constitution But he says he’ll talk about it tomorrow.

My colleague Garrett Haake asked Senator Blunt, let me play that for you. We don’t have it. Here’s what he said, Garrett says Trump and his comments over the weekend about terminating the constitution what’s your reaction? Blunt says you take an oath to the Constitution and I can’t imagine that the former president would make a statement. They all know he made the statement. Garrett says people say you know what’s it going to take for other Republicans to say enough of this guy? Blunt says, I’ve said all I have to say.

Every single Senate Republican knows that Trump made these comments. The comments are in writing on Trump’s own social media site. There has been exactly one Senate Republican who has condemned Trump, and that is Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

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Who knows what Mitch McConnell might say on Tuesday, but the odds are high that he will sound like he is condemning something but refuse to directly condemn Trump.

The profile in cowardice that the nation is witnessing from the vast majority of the Republican Party is how Trump gained power in the first place.

Nothing has changed.

Because Republicans are still too scared to confront Trump, American democracy remains under threat.

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