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The allowances are available to anyone incurring capital expenditures, whether buying or building commercial property or furnished vacation rentals. You can claim these deductions on certain purchases or investments, and you can deduct some of these costs from your taxable income to reduce your tax bill.

What is the purpose of capital cost allocation?

The cost of capital allocation represents the cost of long-lived assets that generate returns for shareholders over several years. Defines the amount that can be spent each year on different types of assets.

How is the cost of capital cost allowance calculated?

Use the CRA Class Table and List of Fixed Assets to determine which classes your purchases belong to. Group your expenses by class and add them up. Then multiply the total for each class by your fare. The result is the CCA you can claim for the year.

Is capital cost allocation the same as depreciation?

Capital cost allowance (“CCA”) is the depreciation mechanism used for tax purposes. Unlike accounting depreciation, CCA can be deducted from income for tax purposes. Fixed assets require depreciation because fixed assets wear out over time.

Do you need to apply for capital cost relief?

You do not have to claim the maximum amount of CCA in a given year. You can claim any amount you want, from zero to the maximum allowed for the year. If you do not have to pay income tax for the year, you not want to claim CCA. The PAD request reduces the class balance by the amount of PAD claimed.

Who can request a DPA?

If you are a paid employee, you can claim CCA on your vehicle if you meet the conditions described in Allowable Motor Vehicle Expenses. If you are an employed musician, you can claim CCA on a musical instrument if you had to supply the musical instrument as a condition of employment.

When can depreciation be claimed?

The general rule is that the asset must belong to the company/individual claiming capital cost allowance. Plant and machinery installation expenses and demolition costs of property held as capital property (not business shares) will qualify for capital cost allowances.

Is GST included in the cost of capital?

The cost of capital also includes items such as shipping costs, GST, and provincial sales tax (PST) or HST. Depreciable property is any property on which ACC can claim.

Can you apply for a CCA if you are self-employed?

Another thing to keep in mind is that unlike other tax credits, CCA cannot be used to create a loss. No matter how much equipment you have in your business, you can only use CCA to bring your net income to 0.

For how long can you request depreciation?

You can deduct the cost of labor and materials for any minor repairs or maintenance performed on property you use to generate income. You cannot deduct the value of your own work. You cannot deduct expenses you incur for repairs that are capital in nature. However, you can claim CCA .


Depending on the facts and circumstances, you be able to go back four years to amend your tax return to include the abatements you should have claimed.


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